By: Meredith Galante

If you’re on a weight-loss journey, it’s hard to see results if you’re always eating out. From oversized portions, tons of oil being poured on to processed foods, most dietitians would agree that cooking your own meals — at home where you can control what goes into it — is best.


Whether it’s juggling school, work, or a car full of kids, getting to the grocery store and then actually cooking the meal can be a challenge. The emergence of home-delivery  meal services can help eliminate that grocery store stress and help you slim down. The at-home meal delivery industry was around $2.5 billion in 2017 and is expected to grow to more than $8 billion by 2025.

 But with so many on the market, which one is best for weight loss? That depends which journey you’re on.


The Best For The Keto Diet: Green Chef


If you’re on the high-fat, no-carb trend, Green Chef offers gluten-free, low-carb meals for as little as $12.99 per meal. The company boasts being a USDA-certified organic company and cares about the ingredients used in each meal. It also offers sustainable packaging when they ship your food, for the tree “green” chef. Green Chef offers a few different options, such as Paleo or Plant-based, so if high-fat isn’t for you, there’s still a menu you can choose from.


The Best For WW: Blue Apron

 If you’re an avid WW Freestyle tracker (formally Weight Watchers), the company’s recent partnership with Blue Apron will excite you. You can receive up to three meals a week that were designed with WW experts and your daily points allowance in mind. Each meal has clear portion sizes and a smart point value to help you with tracking. The recipes range from about 4 points to 16. You can choose which recipes you want from week to week, so be mindful of some of the higher point meals. You can get $60 off your first-three boxes.


The Best For A Low-Sodium Diet: HelloFresh

HelloFresh offers easy-to-follow meals that are health conscious. Each meal is prepared with low-sodium and low-oil. Oil can be a hidden culprit in even the “healthiest” of meals when dining out and HelloFresh aims to help with that.  Each meal comes with a nutrition label, so it will be easy to see and track what you’re actually eating. HelloFresh is offering $90 off when you sign up to try their plan.


The Best For Vegans: Purple Carrot

Thinking of going all veggie and vegan? Purple Carrot can help ease the transition with tasty, plant-based meals. The company’s website states that decreasing meat consumption and switching to plants decreases the chance of high blood pressure by 55 percent, reduces the risk of heart disease by 32 percent, and reduces the risk of diabetes by 78 percent. Depending on how many meals you’d like a week, you can get meals from between $7.99 and $11.99 a serving.


The Best For Any Diet: eMeals

If you’re looking for flexibility in your diet, or you’re catering to a diabetic family member or a gluten-free eater, eMeals is your best bet. They have more than a dozen menus that help cater to diet you’re on, from keto, clean-eating, kid-friendly to paleo.

If you also care where your food is coming from and want to actually go to the grocery store, eMeals offers a shopping list via their app. They also offer integrated grocery shopping with Amazon Fresh, Walmart, Instacart and others.

Get 14 day Free Trial with emeals

If you sign up for a full year, you can get the plan for as little as $4.99 a month or $9.99 a month for three months.



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